Terms & Conditions

Company Rules & Regulations

Application shall be submitted to Akida Builders Ltd. for allotment on the prescribed form duly signed by the purchaser/purchasers along with booking money.

30% of the total value shall be paid as down payment. Balance shall be paid in equal installments within the construction period. After paying down payment a deed of agreement shall be made between the developer and the purchaser. All payments shall be made by Cash/Cheque /Bank draft/P.O etc in favor of Akida Builders Ltd. The purchaser/purchasers must follow the schedule of payment to ensure timely completion of the construction works. Any delay in payment by two consecutive installments will make the purchaser liable to pay additional 3% interest per month on the due amount. If the payment is delayed beyond three installments, the company shall have the right to cancel the allotment. In that case, the deposited amount shall be refunded as per agreement.

The Company reserves the right to make any changes in both architectural and structural design of the project.

The purchaser/purchasers will pay registration cost i.e stamp duty, gain taxes, registration fees, VAT, Transfer fees, source taxes, IT or any kind of legal taxes relating registration of the apartment and any other miscellaneous cost if any.

Connection charges/ expenses relating to electricity, Gas, Water, sewerage and substation shall be paid by the purchaser/ purchasers. All utility service shall be provided according to the rules of the Bangladesh Government.

The purchaser/purchasers must become a member of owners association and shall have to pay membership fee of TK 25,000.

Features & Amenities

Main Features

  • Main Entrance gate.
  • Logos on finished brass plate.
  • Reception desk.
  • Local (X-monica/Charu) homogeneous (12×12) floor tiles in reception area.
  • One toilet with long pan at parking floor.
  • 1 (one) good quality 8 persons capacity lift (origin china).
  • Brick wall lift core.
  • Local (X-monica/Charu) floor tiles (12×12) in all lift lobbies.
  • Local (X-monica/Charu) wall tiles (12×18) in front of all lift walls.
  • Intercom.
  • Substation (If required by DPDC/DESCO).
  • Generator.
  • Stair with S.S (Top) pipe, other pipes M.S.
  • One water pump (Gazi or equivalent).
  • Co-operative office/Multipurpose hall at rooftop or in suitable location.
  • Deep Segun main entrance door with door chain, check viewer, calling bell switch and security lock.
  • Main floor with (16×16) homogeneous tiles (X-monica/ Charu or equivalent).
  • Smooth finish plastic paint on all walls except toilet, kitchen, ceiling in soft colors.
  • Flash door shutter (Akij/Super or equivalent) for all internal door and mortis lock.
  • All internal doorframes are made of mehogoni/gamari or equivalent.
  • Grills in all windows. Safety grills above 2.5 feet height on verandah as additional.
  • Cable connection for Dish, Internet & Telephone in drawing room or in suitable location.
  • Sliding 5mm thick glass window with 3” inch aluminum section. Mosquito net along with 4” inch
    aluminum section. (as additional)
  • 5″ layer internal & external walls of bangla bricks.
  • Weather coat paint in external walls.
  • Enamel paint in all verandahs’ doors and grills.

General Amenities

  • Car parking space in ground floor and basement for allottee only. which will be allotted through lottery.
  • Required underground and overhead water reservoir.
  • All structural materials including rod, cement, bricks, sand and others shall be conformed to ASTM/BS/IS/BNBC.
  • Direct supervision of construction by a team of experienced and qualified civil engineers to ensure quality and workmanship.
  • Testing of concrete and construction materials by BUET.
  • Structural design to withstand earthquakes and wind pressure as per BNBC.


  • All electric cable will be BRB or equivalent.
  • M.K China or equivalents type electrical switches, plug points.
  • Adequate light & plug points in stair & lobby.
  • Electrical distribution box with main switch.
  • Emergency power supply from standby generator for one light and one fan point
    in each apartment.
  • All power outlets with earthing connection.
  • Provision for air condition in one bedroom.
  • Telephone socket in master bed and living room.
  • Lighting arrestor in rooftop.

Bathroom features

  • RAK commode (Karla model/orient standard) in master bath & child bath only.
  • X-monica/ Charu full height wall tiles (12”x18”).
  • X-monica/ Charu matching floor tiles (12”x12”).
  • One mirror with shelf in each bathroom.
  • Local good quality chrome plated (Sattar/Sharif) fittings.
  • S.S Soap cases and CP towel rails in all bathrooms.
  • Point for exhaust fan.
  • Hot & Cold-water provision in master bath only.
  • Pedestal washbasin in bathrooms.
  • White color long pan in common bath.


  • Burner Slab with Tiles.
  • One stainless steel counter-top sink.
  • Provision for exhaust fan point.
  • Tiles in floor (12”x12”) (Local X-monica/Charu or equivalent).
  • Tiles in wall (12”x18”) (Local X-monica/Charu or equivalent) upto 7 ft height on burner/sink wall only.
  • Waterline fittings Sattar/Sharif or equivalent.
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